4th StratComm2019

Understanding the dynamic role of corporate communications in building, managing and sustaining your brand’s reputation in an ever-evolving competitive landscape.

3rd Strategic Corporate Communications & PR Summit

Communication has an imperative role to play in the corporate world. With the increase in complexities of activities in modern business and the technological advancement, its importance is increasing day by day. The PR industry, grew by 19% this year as compared with 13% last year, is on a strong growth trajectory and it is expected to nearly double in size from 1,120 crore rupees in FY 2016 to Rs. 2,100 crores by FY20. With the evolution of Corporate Communications, it has become imperative to brace ourselves to cope up with the radical and revolutionary changes which are happening at a breakneck speed.

Inventicon’s StratComm 2018 aims at gathering the trend setters and influencers from the communications forte, providing them the platform to discuss the future of communications which is undeniably challenging. While it is still tough to measure the efficacy of corporate communications, the new tools in social media management, story telling, reputation management, and the impact of digitalization on PR will be the major focus for the 2 days conference.

StratComm2018 is India’s most comprehensive and exciting event which aims at bringing together the leaders and influencers from the CorpComm forte who will discuss the latest challenges and expose the delegates with the practical solutions on social media management, crisis management, reputation handling, measuring CorpComm ROI, effective storytelling etc.






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Event at a glance

  1. Keynotes: Thought leaders sharing their experiences in creating successful communications for your brand key attributes communicators need in their roles today
  2. Roundtables: Choose a topic of your interest, debate and discuss with the rest of the group
  3. Communication Leaders Panel: 6 thought leaders on a single panel, sharing their inspirational strategies to maximise engagement by creating compelling content
  4. Guru Panel: Hear it from the experts on how to craft the most effective crisis management strategies
  5. Fireside Chat: A one on one frank conversation with one of the industry veterans who will share his lessons learned

Key Topics of Discussion

  • CEO as your brand ambassador – Turning your communications challenges into triumphs
  • Articulating the new and evolving skillsets required of today’s corporate communicators
  • Digital engagement : transforming your PR strategies
  • Communication Leaders Panel: If content is king then engagement is queen
  • Reimagining PR in a Tech Driven World
  • The irresistible power of story telling as an important PR tool
  • Crisis Management – Sailing through stormy waters
  • Redefining Corporate Reputation: Handle with Care!
  • Internal Communications- The new HR communicating to a changing workforce
  • The magic of storytelling: Uncovering stories within your organisation to build brand loyalty
  • Building effective stakeholder relationship for long-term success
  • Taking the brand to your stakeholders – the web behind communications’
  • Design thinking for developing innovative communications strategies
  • Reaching out to Gen Z- decoding the screen addicts
  • The blurring line between PR and advertising - The tug of war
  • Measuring the efficacy of communications to enhance your campaign
  • Applying data insights and analytics to make better decisions – Adapting to a data driven PR world

Why should you attend?

  • Strengthen your skills by listening to the industry’s top communication leaders and influencers
  • Learn how to safeguard your corporate reputation in the digital world
  • Discover the newest ways to deploy social and digital media strategies
  • Engage and inspire yourself with world class content
  • Expose yourself to the industry case studies and learn from real- life experiences
  • Empower your workforce using the latest social media tools and platforms

Industry Focus but not limited to






Oil & Gas


Food & Beverages

Public sector undertakings (PSU)





Information Technology


Manufacturing & heavy engineering

Who will you meet?

Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads, Senior Managers & Managers of

  • Corporate Communication
  • Internal & External Communication
  • Public Relations / Media Relations
  • Marketing Communications & Brand Management
  • CSR / Sustainability
  • Corporate Affairs & Govt Policy
  • Media Management
  • Investor Relations / Stakeholder management
  • Human Resources / Employee Relations

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